Why January is the best time to put your property on the market

The start of the year is when everyone gets back to work after the festive period and is also a time when people start to look for new inspiration on the big move. Park and Bailey will make sure that your home is marketed early to ensure that you don’t miss any opportunity of selling your property.

Motivated sellers should be first to post for the Spring market and January isn’t too early. Now December is over, Park and Bailey are back and eager to get new properties listed! Allowing us to market your property now is a good move to make, if there is low of stock on the market, your property will really stand out to potential buyers and by launching your property now you will beat the spring rush!

The property market can become saturated in spring and summer, dominated by high supply and high demand, this can mean your home is simply one of many houses for sale. Instead, by marketing your property in a period of high demand but low supply, this can often mean that you are one of few, standing out form the crowd and with less risk of getting lost in the market overload that tends to happen later in the year.  

Sometimes waiting for the perfect time to market your property is the best thing to do! January is when people start to think about the new year, so be sure to get in there early and get your property noticed! Selling your property now means that you will beat the busier times of the year.

If you’re looking for more information or advice on how to market your property, then visit our website or if you want to chat with one of our team then call us today.