Why having indoor plants is a good thing

Indoor plants are a common thing for new home starters, it’s a great way to decorate.

Plants are integral to our ecosystem, and you don’t need to be a plant specialist to know they are handy and also look great. There are lots of reasons why you should add them to your home, however, not all plants are cut out for an indoor environment, but there are plenty out there that help us and the home.

Here’s why you should keep plants in the home.

Indoor plants have some great health benefits.

Research shows living with plants or nature makes people feel much happier and less restricted. Plants also naturally provide a sense of peace meaning your mental health can be improved.

Other research also showed a drop-in illness by 60% for people who had plants in their room!

They can also boost your mood and reduce stress. If you are happy you will be more productive and since an empty home can demotivate you, having plants is a great way to fill space and feel good.

Plants are great for reducing stress, the greener the home looks the more we feel at ease. Having plants in the home gives it more ambiance and offers a more relaxed and appealing environment. Studies have shown that having pot plants lead to a lowered heart rate and blood pressure.

We all know there are toxins and harmful materials in the air. Having plants in the home will purify the air and house from toxins, making breathing much easier. They also add moisture to the air and protect us by clearing dust. There are other benefits too. Less carbon dioxide, pollutants like nitrogen dioxide and benzene, plants also highly reduce air pollutants.

Plants can also absorb high frequencies; studies show the leaves reflect background noises meaning tenants are more comfortable and happier.

Plants are not only great to look at, they also add colour and brightness into your home.

The health, well-being and beauty benefits are great reasons to have plants, remember having plants is one thing, you should maintain them to ensure you benefit fully from all they provide.

We hope you have enjoyed are blog post and will add some greenery into your home!

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