Why are people not viewing my Surrey property?

Putting your property on the market is always an exciting time! The home is perfectly presented, and the photos have been taken, so it’s time to start the viewings.

Park and Bailey are here to give you our advice on how you can get more viewings.

Check out our top tips…

Spruce up the property

When preparing for property viewings it is best to try not to de-personalise your property, as making it feel homely to viewers gives them a feeling of what it would be like when they are living there. If you have already moved out, it may be a good idea to add furniture. This can make a huge difference as potential buyers will be able to imagine themselves there.  Consider adding a lick of paint to the front door or outside of the property to make it look new again.  Do remember that the front of the house is the first thing they will see.

Price of the property

One of the main deterrents for a viewing is the price. You must check how your home compares to competing homes on the market in a similar area. It is best to speak to your agent if you think the price is set too high. If the property is getting no viewings at all then take a look at the asking price as you may need to think about a reduction.

Picking the right estate agent

Finding viewings can be difficult so it is important to choose an agent you can trust who will make this process as smooth as possible. Here at Park and Bailey, we can help you by giving local knowledge and letting you know who your target audience are. We can help you market the best presented property with an estate agent who is extremely motived.

Who is your likely buyer?

Consider targeting your market and draw attention to the benefits the property has to offer a buyer. For an example, if you are selling a property that would suit a buy-to-let investor, think about offering an initial period of guaranteed rent.


Before engaging in the photography, make sure your home is ready. Declutter, clean and pay attention to the front of your property and the rear garden. It’s worth considering carrying out the photography over a few days so that you can allow a couple of rooms to be used as temporary storage areas. It is important to show the property at its best light and get great quality pictures.

How many viewings should you expect?

Some property types will be more in demand than others, so it’s important to know the current market and manage the seller’s expectations especially when it comes to the number of viewings they should expect to receive.

If you follow our top tips then your Surrey property will get more viewings!

If you’re looking for any more advice, then get in touch with us today or if you’re looking for any more information then visit our website.