When is the best time to sell your Surrey property?

Everyone has their own idea of when you should sell a property, truth be told there are many factors to consider when you’re selling. If you are looking to list your Surrey home, read on to find out when you should sell.

Is there a better season for selling?

Spring is always the best time to sell. The reasoning is, people have finished going on summer holidays, nor are they busy preparing for Christmas. Summer isn’t the best time to sell as a lot of people go away on holiday, or they have their time taken up looking after children during the school holidays. Autumn can also be a good time to sell. If the weather is mild your home will still look good and there are no long holidays to deal with. You should be prepared to move quickly if you find a buyer, after October things tend to slow down. Winter can be a tricky time to sell, especially before Christmas. If you’re not ready to list before December, you might want to think about waiting until the New Year, people are usually thinking about the year ahead.

Seasonal variations are normaly universal, however, it might be worth checking the local area before listing your home. You should also check the local Council hasn’t granted any planning permission for local building works, or major road works - it could put buyers off.  

If you are in a position where you need to sell your home, you shouldn’t hold back. If you need a quick sale be realistic, if there is little demand, you might have to lower your price and be accommodating to potential buyers.

If you are looking to sell your home and need advice, you can contact our experienced team here