What you need for the first night in a new home!

Moving to a new home can be an exciting but hectic experience. Many of us see moving to a new house as stressful so, we have put together what you need to have with you for that all important first night.

Check out our top tips…

Pack an overnight bag

The most logical thing to do when you are in the process of gathering things to move is to group everything together to make it easier to unpack in the new home. You may have a box for different items of clothes, but the problem is that it might be challenging when you try to find something on the first night.

We recommend packing an overnight bag with your pyjamas, fresh clothes and toiletries. This will help you get set-up easier on the first morning and you can continue to unpack.

Bring food

It can be easy to overlook food for the first day or two. Emptying kitchen cupboards in your old property often requires a degree of throwing out old perishables that you don’t have the room for, or that might not stay fresh for the journey. As part of your moving day plan, try to incorporate a trip to a local supermarket and pick up some essentials to see you through your first day or two of unpacking. After a long day unpacking, you certainly wont want to go out to the shops to buy more food!

Pack the essentials separately

Like with your overnight bag for clothes and toiletries, take the time to pack an essentials box, filled with all those things that will be useful to you for the next couple of days. Some useful things to include: Bin bags, cleaning supplies, bedding and sheets, phone charger, batteries and anything you would use daily.

Working with professional movers and family to pack up your belongings for a move can often result in things being misplaced, or not ending up in the boxes you originally planned.

In taking the time to separate out all the essentials that will see you through those first few days, you can make the whole process of unpacking much less stressful and you can enjoy an exciting new chapter in your life!

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