What Tenants Look For in a Rental Property in 2022

It used to be that property landlords would buy up a bargain when they came along to let out. But these days, letting out a property is much more nuanced than it used to be.

Today's landlords have to comply with many more government regulations to ensure the health and safety of their property and the considerations and the rights of the tenants they let to.

Taking on board what their prospective tenants will want from a property is the key to choosing the right property to buy. No property investor wants to be stuck with an un-lettable place for whatever reason.

You also don't want your rental properties standing empty for long periods, so it is essential to think about the type of tenants you want and what sort of home they are looking for.

The changing demands of buy-to-let property

Since the pandemic forced more people to work from home, renters now want a lot more from their homes than ever before. With more renters adopting eco-friendly lifestyles, they now want to see this reflected in the homes they choose to live in.

Ensuring that your rental property is well insulated with loft and cavity wall insulation is a cost-effective way to tick the right boxes to make your property more energy-efficient.

It is now mandatory by law that you have gas, electricity, and fire safety checks, and have gas boilers and appliances inspected and tested each year.

It is also unacceptable to let properties in poor condition where mould may be a problem. This is why you should regularly inspect the property for issues such as broken or leaking guttering, slipped roof tiles, brickwork pointing, and flashing that needs replacing to keep the house watertight and prevent mould problems from developing.

Pet and family-friendly letting

It used to be that most renters were young, single people. It was traditional for couples to buy their first house together when getting married to start a family.

However, these days there has been a massive shift towards families choosing to rent, so landlords now need to be prepared to cater for growing families, including pets and everything else that comes with family life.

This means you should be prepared to change and model the property you buy to suit modern family living styles. This can include knocking down internal walls to create open-plan living spaces, adding an en-suite bathroom for the parents, and having a family bathroom.

You may want to add extra space with a building extension or a conservatory when catering for families. It can also help to think about providing a garden shed or secure storage for the family bikes, surfboards, and other large and bulky items that would be difficult to store indoors. 

Creating a home office

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is the fact that flexible working is now a thing! With remote access, many workers will continue to split their time between home and the office to do their work.

This can mean many renters will be on the lookout for properties that come with a ready-made home office space or a place that can be adapted to hold a small remote office set up.

From a landlord's viewpoint, you could attract more renters by converting the empty loft space into a home office or installing high-speed fibre broadband and extra electrical sockets and ports around the home that will cope with the demands of running a home office.

Regardless of whether you want to cater for flexible-working tenants, there is no denying that renters now use more smart gadgets and technology than ever.

They will prefer to rent a home equipped to handle 'smart-life' gadgets with broadband fibre connectivity, WIFI, extra USB ports, and electrical sockets for charging smartphones, tablets, and running smart assistants, such as Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant.

Low maintenance outdoor areas

Whether you plan to rent to families, singles, or professional working couples, modern tenants will also prioritise properties with the most suitable outdoor spaces to suit their needs.

A modern working couple, for example, may appreciate a home with a low-maintenance garden space or even a balcony or small deck they can sit out on. However, they may be put off from buying a place that comes with the responsibility of maintaining a large garden with a lawn, trees, and shrubs.

But a family may be more attracted to a house with a decent-sized garden that will allow their kids to run around outdoors. But in most cases, the easier you make your outdoor space to maintain, the more appealing the property will be.


As a result of the pandemic, tenants have shifted their priorities for choosing a rental home towards a place that offers extra space for a home office or a growing family, and a low-maintenance garden.

People are now spending considerably more time at home, so even young renters no longer see their home as just a place to sleep. For anyone considering a buy-to-let property in 2022, it is worth looking at properties with a bit of extra indoor elbow room, balconies, or easy to manage outdoor spaces.

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