What lowers house prices the most

Your home reflects your personality, the problem is, the things that you love the most might be what is putting people off. Sometimes the improvements or changes you have made to your home might make is less attractive to buyers. Selling is a stressful process, so it’s important to know what could add value to your home and what might detract or put buyers off completely.

Here are some key things that will lower the price of your home…

When it comes to decoration, of course you should design your home to suite your taste. However, if your taste is colourful and bold, you might want to tone it down before you market your home. A modestly decorated home will be more desirable, as homeowners will be able to picture themselves living in your home.

Check that your home is in good condition before selling, as it will be an important factor for buyers. Evident issues such as damp, cracks in the walls, poor roof condition or an old boiler will impact the value of your home.

You need to present your home in the best way possible. Make sure everything is clean, de-clutter and finish any outstanding DIY jobs. If a home is fresh and clean, you will have a better chance of selling quickly.

If you have had work carried out such as extensions or conversions, ensure you obtained the appropriate planning permission and that you have access to the documentation. If you don’t have documents, you may find you will need to pay to get a copy before the sale.

Bright rooms are inviting to buyers, a dark dingy room will make your home less-desirable. Do a room by room audit, open curtains and blinds, turn on lights and look at each room from a buyers eye.

We hope these tips will help if you are planning to sell your home. Need property advice? Visit our website here for a list of services we offer.