What is the best day to move to a new house?

Recent data shows, that Friday is the best day to move into your new home. There’s a few advantages to why a Friday is the best time to move, and not another day of the week.

Here’s why it’s most popular…

Who doesn’t love the weekend? Whether it’s time away from work or a break from the school run, the weekend gives you time to relax for a couple of days, before heading back to work on Monday. And let’s be honest, at some point during the week, we all look forward to Friday coming around!

Moving to a new house on a Friday, means you can take advantage of having Saturday and Sunday free to get on with the unpacking and settling into your new home. You also won’t be taking as much time off work.

Most home owners find that moving on a Friday helps, as it causes less disruption within the housing chain, with other movers also opting to move on a Friday. To ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible, make sure you plan before the big day. Book a removal company as early as you can, as there may be less availability on a Friday compared to other days in the week.

As we have said, Friday is definitely the best day to move into a new home!

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