What Features Attract and Detract Buyers?

Every buyer will have different things that are important to them when looking for a new home. There are some typical trends that attract buyers, but something that is crucial to one might be unimportant to another. However, almost all buyers look for practicality ahead of how a property looks when making a decision.

When someone knows where they want to buy, it’s then a matter of what property they want. Most buyers will have some “must-have” features in a home that they won’t want to compromise on. After the “must-haves”, there will be some features a buyer “would like”, these do tend to be more negotiable. If a property has all the “must-haves” and some of the “would like”, buyers will then look at anything that would be a major turn-off for them.

If you want to sell your home for the best price and in a short period of time, make sure you highlight all the positives of your home (the things that attract) and where you can, lessen the effect of any negative attributes (anything that detracts).

Below we list what features will attract or detract your buyers.


Garden/Outdoor Space

Outdoor space is important to many buyers. Size and appearance are both important, with South and West facing gardens being very attractive.

Space to Grow

Buying a home is a big expense, it can also be quite stressful and something most people wouldn’t want to repeat every few years. A home that meets the needs of the buyer and has the flexibility to expand in the future is a big plus. Having the opportunity to expand space via a loft conversion or extension, or garage conversion, etc., is a great selling feature.

Working at Home

With more people now working at home many buyers want a property that offers or allows for office space. Also, having sufficient internet and phone reception to enable anyone working at home to do so efficiently will entice buyers.

Kitchen and Bathrooms

A good quality kitchen and bathroom are always big selling points. Typically, the other rooms in a house have four walls, windows, and a door, making it more difficult to give the bedroom or living area the WOW factor (however, a good size room, decent flooring, and decoration are very important). You can easily work on your kitchen and bathrooms to give them a real WOW factor, make sure you use quality fixtures in these rooms to make your home stand out.

Energy Rating

The impact our homes have on the environment is something people are considering more now than ever. Buyers will also know an energy-efficient home will cost less to run. Make sure your boiler and radiators are all in good working order – buyers will look at this. Also, good quality windows and loft insulation, etc. are great things to point out to buyers.



High-speed internet and good mobile coverage are essential in this modern world. If you have bad internet and phone coverage, this may well put buyers off.

Lack of Space

Smaller rooms can also be a negative. If you do have small rooms, make sure you do all you can to brighten them. Be minimalistic with furniture, have neutral colours on the walls, and let in as much light as you can. If you have very small rooms, see if they can be opened up to any adjoining room to create a feeling of more space.

Storage Space

People generally want good storage space in a home. If you are selling, spring clean and declutter the rooms and cupboards so it shows off any storage space you have. Buyers may well open cupboards and, if they are cluttered, it will potentially make the buyer think twice.


If your neighbours’ homes are not looked after this can be a turn-off too. Kerb appeal is a big selling point and even if your home looks smart, if next door is "shabby" it could be an issue for anyone viewing your home.


Let’s face it, finding a place to park can be difficult at the best of times. So, if you don’t have parking it can be a problem for some buyers. If your property doesn’t have a dedicated parking space, try to reassure buyers that you don’t have issues parking on the street or in other public areas. 

Remember, buying a home is very personal, and different people will be looking for different things. When preparing to sell your home, do all you can to show off the positives and where you can address the things that could put the buyer off.  

We hope you enjoyed our latest blog. 

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