What are tenants looking for in a rental property?

The demand for rental property remains high, this does not mean every rental property will let. If you are a landlord you might be wondering how you can attract the right tenant… Here we list the aspects of a property that you can pay attention to, so you attract the tenant that’s right for you.

The main thing tenants look for is a good location! The meaning of this will vary and depends on a person’s individual needs, with some of the following being a factor:

A safe neighbourhood, short commute to work, good local shops and nightlife, located in a good school catchment area.

Features of a property are also a factor, here is a list of features tenants might be looking for:

A good modern kitchen and bathroom with working appliances, storage facilities, parking spaces and a garden or outdoor space.

Also, allowing a tenant to put their own stamp on a property can increase the chances of you letting out your property. Tenants feel more comfortable and will probably stay in the property for a longer period if they can make minor internal changes. You can always ask that if they give notice, the property is returned to its original condition.

Finally, budget plays a role in what tenants are looking for. Obviously as a landlord you will need to set the rental for your property that will compete with similar properties in the area.

Are you a Surrey landlord? Here at Park & Bailey we can help manage your property at a level that suits you.

Here are the three levels of service we offer, these are Let Only, Rent & Collect and Managed. If you are interested in our services, please contact a member of our lettings team here.