What A Landlord Should Look Out for In an Inspection

It’s important to carry out regular inspections throughout each tenancy, this is to ensure that tenants are complying with the agreement and nothing is wrong.

You should inspect both the interior and exterior of the property. 

Repairs and Maintenance 

As a landlord, the primary objective of a periodic inspection is to see if there are any inspection issues. It’s also a perfect opportunity to note any minor repairs that need doing before they get out of hand. It’s more cost-effective to do any repairs when they’re small.

Tenants should report any big issue but may leave the smaller ones. Better to get those fixed before they become bigger problems.

Tenants Living Conditions

Although you may not be able to evict a tenant based on their living conditions you can note that how they live is potentially ruining the value of your property and can decide to not renew their contract.

For example, leaving clothes around is their choice but if they are not cleaning the bathroom or any of the rooms, it can cause long-term problems such as mould, dampness, and bacterial issues.

Damp and Mould

Damp and mould are important issues and can really damage your property if left to fester. These can be overlooked if it is only a little amount, but it's always best to treat the issue before it gets worse and ends up costing more.

Always look around windows and sinks, you need to concentrate on rooms that produce a lot of moisture, such as bathrooms and kitchens.


You need to check all the taps and showers are running smoothly, check the water pressure and any leakage. Blockages in the pipes can cause other problems if left unattended, so checks are essential.

Wear and Tear

Things may just break because they're old not because there has been unnecessary damage. You can charge tenants for damage but not for fair wear and tear which was caused by daily use.

Remember, your property is your investment, and you need to ensure not only do your tenants take care of it, but you do as well.

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