Ways to check the area you are thinking of moving to

Checking the area you want to move to is a great idea. You need to feel safe and assured you will be getting everything you want from that location.

Here are a few tips of what to look out for.

The Neighbourhood

Before moving to a new neighbourhood make sure you get all the necessary information, like the value of the area, the common demographic of the area.

The best thing to do is to spend the day in the area, get a feel of what it is like during the weekday and weekend.

Also, do not be shy in talking to the neighbours, they will be honest about where they live.

Crime Rates

Crime happens everywhere, the ideal situation is an area with a low crime rate. There are government sites that can give you that information. Be aware that your properties postcode can affect the amount you pay for home insurance and car insurance e.g. if the area is known for high burglaries, you will face higher premiums.

Local Shops

Having a corner shop or a little high street a few minutes’ walk away can be really useful, you want things to be conveniently close but not to the point that it gets busy close to your home.

Local pubs and food are also highly looked at, if you are able to have a night out close to home is pretty nice to have.

GPs and Dentist Surgeries

If you need regular medical attention or have a young family, having a local GP or Dentist can be really important.


If you have kids or are planning to have kids in this new home you need to do your homework on the local schools, you need to make sure things are easily accessible and that these schools have a good record.

You can look at the Ofsted site to find out information on schools.


you need to find out what the public transport links around you are like. How long does it take to get to the local bus stop or train station? What buses stop there? What line are the trains on? This is all useful information especially if you are planning on using public transport to go to work or have people coming to visit.

Flooding and Air Pollution

In the UK we get the occasional flood and high pollution in certain areas, you need to check how at risk you are.

Also, look at whether you live near any factories or landfill sites, especially if you have a young family.


Driving around the area at different times can give you a realistic idea of what the traffic is like locally. You do not want to end up stuck in traffic regularly, this can be a massive inconvenience to you.

Our blog has looked at a few things to research if you are moving to a new area – you need to be certain before making such a big decision.

If you are looking to move locally and need property advice, please do get in touch here.