Top tips to prepare your Surrey home for sale

First impressions count, so make sure you take the time to prepare your home for sale. When selling, it’s always worth considering who your target market is and know which type of buyer would be interested in your property!

Check out our tips on how to get your house ready for selling your Surrey property…

Disassociate yourself

You should always try to view your property, as much as possible, as a potential buyer would. Imagine your house as if you were seeing it again for the very first time. We recommend clearing your home of personal items, as it makes it easier for potential buyers to envisage themselves living there.


When selling, you should clear out the clutter that’s has built up whilst you have been living at your property. You could start by throwing away unwanted items, storing away ornaments, books and toys, and even moving some furniture away or into storage to make it more spacious for the viewings.

Clean up

It is vital that you make sure your house is spotless. Cleaning the walls, carpets, sofa’s windows and all surfaces. Two rooms that are important and that you should focus on cleaning are the kitchen and bathroom, especially as grime can build up quickly.

Interior design

To boost your chances of selling your house fast, do consider freshening up the interior! Make your home look light, airy and warm. You could even paint any walls or doors that are looking old. If you are worried about a room feeling small, then you could hang mirrors up to give the feeling of space and strategically place extra lighting, such as a lamp, in corners.

External areas

Don’t forget the outside of your property! Make sure that you’ve cleaned the windows, repair any damaged fences, cut the grass, trim the flowerbeds and clear any pathways.

Promote the town

It is best to have some information on the local area for potential buyers – this may help them make a quicker decision to purchase your home. You could consider highlighting points such as: transport links, schools and public services and amenities. Buyers would like to see that it’s a good area to live in before they place an offer on the property.

Make the most of viewings

Before any viewing, do a final sweep of the house: tidy, clean and clear the clutter.

If you sell through us, we will photograph your property to ensure that it shows its maximum potential, and we know how to show it off in its best light.

We will make sure your home is clearly on the market and has the best target audience. We can help you with viewings and give you information, advice and access to our services.

If you’re planning to sell your property this year, we are more than happy to help. Give us a call today if you are looking for more information or advice.