Top tips to prepare your home for a viewing

When you’re in the process of selling your property, how you present it matters. Potential buyers are going to be looking at your house and you must make sure that it is looking it’s best.

Don’t make your buyers imagine how it could be, show them! It is best to think about the strengths of your property and show them off. Here we share our top tips on how to prepare your home for a viewing

Living Areas

It is important that you declutter. If you have a lot of clutter in a room, it can make it look smaller than it is and makes it harder for a buyer to imagine living there. It is vital that you make sure all your original features like fireplaces can be fully appreciated and seen. Be sure to let the natural daylight flood in by pulling back the curtains or opening the blinds. Whatever the season, remember to regularly open the windows to allow the fresh air to come in.


Make sure that the kitchen is spotless! Clean and polish all the surfaces, fittings, handles, cupboard fronts and appliances. Clear any clutter from the surfaces and make sure the sink and draining area are completely clear. If you have any pets, their bowls should be cleared out and put away too. You love your pets, but your potential buyers might not, so it’s best to ask a friend or neighbour if they can take care of them during a viewing, so it doesn’t distract or scare a potential buyer off.


Before the viewing, make sure that your bathroom toiletries have been put away. If you have your children’s bath or shower toys out, then store them in a cupboard. You don’t want your bathroom to look cluttered. Also, put out clean, dry, folded fresh towels. And remember to open the window to clear away any excess moisture.

Maintain the outside of your property

Some buyers may drive by your property before they view it, so consider tidying up the outside of your home. Make sure you mow the lawn, trim back the hedges and remove any weeds from your beds or pathways. If your door paint has worn away and gone discoloured, you could also give it a fresh lick of paint to make it stand out. If you want to brighten up the outside of your home, you could put some pots or baskets outside to make the potential buyers feel more welcome.

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