Top tips to give your home a summer spruce-up!

Home truly is where your heart is! Even though you love your home, it must have seen its fair share of wear and tear over the years, which is why Park and Bailey thought it was time to give some simple advice to revamp your property in time for summer.

While springtime is traditionally the season for cleaning and clearing out clutter, summer is a great opportunity to go deeper and tackle the more DIY-oriented tasks around the home. The below tips and makeover ideas will help give your home a summer spruce-up…

Check out our top tips…

Replace the bedding and blankets

It’s time to put away the heavy blankets and lighten up the bedroom with fresh new linens. It’s easy and affordable to transform the entire look of your bedroom with a new duvet cover. Allergy sufferers could consider seeking out hypoallergenic bedding as a way to help with the spring and summer allergies.


Adding colourful pillows to the sofa and living room furniture can help brighten the room. Mix and match your favourite colours for a particularly seasonal look. Consider adding new cushions to your outside garden furniture as it can help bring your patio and decking back to life.

Add a lick of paint

After a long cold winter spent inside, it’s not surprising if you’ve gotten tired of looking at the same shades all season. Painting an accent wall or entire room in a new lighter colour can make the room look bigger and feel brighter.

Update appliances and accessories

As well as smoke alarms, don’t forget about the other fixtures and appliances attached to your walls and ceilings. This is the perfect time to replace standard door handles and lighting fixtures with more stylish alternatives.

Lighten up drapery

Bring the sunshine in! Take down the heavy drapes that you had for winter and replace them with lighter curtains for a fresh, clean summer look.

Spruce up the front door

Cleaning or swapping our door mats for new ones is a subtle way to boost your curb appeal and bring a sense of freshness and orderliness to your home.

Bring the outside in

Houseplants add a bit of greenery to any room and also act as a natural air filter, removing some toxic chemicals from the air and making it fresh inside!

By following our top tips, your property will feel ready for the summer season! Plus, it will make you feel happier when your house has had a revamp.

If you’re looking for more information or advice then don’t hesitate to give us a call or visit our website.