Top tips to being happy in your new Surrey home!

Moving to a new house can be difficult at first, especially if you’re moving from your childhood home with all those special memories. On the other hand, moving to a new home is brilliant, as it’s a fresh start and a new, exciting chapter in your life.

Here at Park and Bailey, we want to make sure that you’ve not only found your perfect Surrey property, but most importantly that you’re going to find happiness in being there. As it is International Day Of Happiness we have put together some top tips on how to be happy in your new home.

·       Moving to a new home is a rare opportunity, so make sure that you build good habits and break out of    the old ones. You could quit smoking, join a gym or start going for a walk every other morning — all of    these would help with the fresh start.

·       Do remember to take advantage of the features that attracted you to your new home. This could be putting a fresh plant by the front door, taking time to light the living room fire or taking a bath in the bathtub.

·       Before leaving the house every morning, remember to make your bed. It makes the room look cleaner  and more presentable.

·       Enjoy the sweet smell of your new home! Take a moment to appreciate the smell of freshly laundered  towels or the house fragrance.

·       If something was important to you in your previous home, then make a space for it in the new home!  By doing this, it will help you get used to the feeling of living in a different area and property.

·       Get into the habit of putting your wallet and keys in the same place!

·       It is important to store your belongings properly. Make sure that all your seasonal holiday decorations  are stored in a safe and accessible place.

·       Make your house your own. You can do this by painting a wall a different colour to the rest to make it  stand out and giving the walls a fresh lick of paint won’t hurt!

·       Check what you are putting in each drawer or shelf. Ask yourself “Do you really need to keep this?”.    The last thing you need is clutter building up!

·       Lastly, give a warm greeting or farewell every time someone comes or goes from your new home.

By following our top tips, you will be in for lots of happiness and smiles at your new home! If you’re still looking for your future property, then take a look at some of the current property listings.

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