Top tips on what to look for when viewing a property

When viewing a new property, it might be easy to be dazzled by great first impressions or feel pressured by the presence of others to have a quick look around.

Buying a new property is an important life decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly, so why shouldn’t you make the most of a viewing?

Here at Park and Bailey we have put together some tips to help ensure you’re getting the most out of your viewings.


It’s best to make a list of all the things that are important to you and any questions you want to ask before the house viewing. Once you’re in the house it’s easy for things to slip your mind.

Drive by

Before the day of the viewing, go and see the property from the outside. Often this helps to see if the property is right for you. This allows you to get a good feel for the properties surroundings. Consider doing this during the day and at night to assess things like traffic noise.

Check the outside

It’s best to check the outside of the property to see if there are any signs of damp like peeling paint or tide marks on the walls.

Take a friend

We recommend to never go to a viewing alone. Take a friend so that you have someone else to bounce ideas off and to get a second opinion.

Be thorough

As this is one of the biggest purchases in your life it doesn’t matter if your being noisy! Make sure you check all the fixed cupboards, especially the one under the sink! Check the walls and if there is a loft remember to ask to see that too.


It’s important that you ask to see the utility and council tax bills, so you know what to expect and if you will be able to afford the property price.


When you’re visiting the property, don’t be afraid to see how long it takes the hot water to come through the tap and test if the heating works.

What’s included?

It’s worth asking your estate agent if the previous owners are leaving any fixtures or fittings. These could be things such as, carpets, oven or curtain poles.


Damp is known as one of the greatest annoyances for homeowners. Watch out for stains on the ceilings, peeling paint and steamed up windows.

Recent work

If you’re interested in the property, ask if there has been any work done on it recently. See if it has been modified and request copies of receipts and guarantees.

Be friendly

Building a rapport with a seller will make you more memorable, which is always helpful when you want your offer accepted.

By following our top tips you will feel organised and ready for your next property viewing.

If you’re looking for more advice or information then get in touch with us today. If you’re looking for the perfect property, we have many in the Surrey area that could be right for you, check them out here.