Top tips on keeping your garden well maintained!

May is here, so it’s now time to mow the lawn, plant the bedding and getting those weeds under control. Having a great looking garden, will not only make you feel proud of your home, it will also give a great first impression if you’re planning to sell. We know that kerb appeal is a great selling point and is a good first step to prepping for a property viewing…

As it’s National Gardening Week, we thought it would be the perfect time to share our tips on how to get your garden looking tip-top. 

Cut the grass

As the weather gets warmer the grass will begin to grow quicker, you should consider cutting the grass once a week, as it’s harder to cut the grass when it’s longer. A quick tip to get the grass looking smart if you don’t tend to have enough time to mow, is to cut the lawn edges.

Cut the hedges

May is the perfect time to trim evergreen hedges, you need to make sure the edges are looking crispy and neat. Small hedges can easily be trimmed with shears and the larger hedges are best tackled with a hedge trimmer.

Plant bedding

Tender summer-bedding plants should be safe to plant outside in many parts of the country from mid-May onwards, once the cold weather has passed! Before buying the plants, look for ones that are green and bushy with plenty of flower buds rather than open blooms. Make sure you dig over the ground before you plant and remove any weeds.

Control the weeds

Weeds can grow strongly at this time of year! Catch them when they’re small by hoeing borders and the garden once a week. Paths, drives and patios can be kept weed-free, by spraying with a path weed killer. Many of these stop weeds returning for months after they are applied.

Grow your own vegetables

Consider planting the following veg outdoors: Celery, courgettes, pumpkins, squash, sweetcorn and tomatoes. These are just a few of all the tasty veg that you can harvest this year! Make the most of your veg garden, by sowing quick-garden crops, such as salads, between longer-term residents, such as brassicas, whilst they’re establishing.

If you’re looking to market your home, out team can offer advice on how best to stage your property for a viewing… Visit our website for a full detail of our property services.

And remember, even if you’re not planning to sell, keeping your garden well maintained is always a good idea.