Top Tips for Winter House Viewings

Selling your home during the winter is becoming more popular, especially for people that are serious about buying and want less competition from other buyers for a house they like.

There is no need to wait until spring to list your property because keen buyers are looking for their next home all year round. Many buyers are keen to move in the winter, especially if they are relocating to start a new job and want to live closer to their workplace.

If you are thinking about selling your house this winter, there are many good reasons for doing so and not waiting until the weather improves. Here are a few tips to help you get your house ready for viewing during winter.

Make your home warm and welcoming

When you have a viewing booked during colder weather, it helps to make your potential buyers feel warm and welcomed into your home, so make sure you have your heating on to take the chill out of the air.

There may be a howling blizzard outside, so make sure there is plenty of spare hooks for your viewers to hang their coats and leave their umbrellas by the door. There will be many viewers that will prefer to keep their coats on during a viewing, so don't over-heat your home or you could risk them feeling uncomfortable and wanting to escape the heat.

Stage your home for winter

Another great way to make your home look cosy and welcoming in winter is to change out your soft furnishings and home accessories to fit the season. Add a warm throw blanket to your sofa along with soft cushions in rich, warm colours that are great for snuggling into.

Place a warm, fluffy rug on the floor next to your bed and add a winter bedspread to make your bedroom look cosy and warm.

Lighting your home for winter

Adding more light to the dark corners of your rooms during the winter is a good idea due to the low light levels at this time of year. Illuminating your rooms will give your viewers a better sense of the available space and the warm glow of the light can make your darker rooms look more inviting.

You can make good use of winter fairy lights throughout the winter. Choosing white fairy lights is a clever idea as you can leave these up after the festive period and will enhance your home décor for the season.

Deep clean your home

Cleaning your windows to let in more natural daylight is a great start. You should also look at having your carpets cleaned as they can trap a lot of dust and odours. Cleaning your carpets can lift their colour by a shade or two and will give your home a fresh smell as your viewers enter the house.

If your home decorating is still in good condition, you may be reluctant to spend time and cash on painting your walls. However, giving your walls, doors, tiles, and paintwork a good clean to remove food splashes, scuffs and finger-marks can freshen up your home.

Don't forget the garden

The winter is the time we all withdraw indoors to keep warm, and we often forget about the garden until Spring. Your viewers will be interested in your garden, so making sure it is tidy and clean is a good start.

Rake up fallen leaves, pull weeds and dead summer flowers, and refresh your planters and tubs with winter evergreens will give your garden some colour. It can also help to jet-wash your patio and any hard-standing garden furniture to get rid of mud, grime, and moss.

Look at hanging some outdoor garden lights and illuminating the pathways and corners of your garden with solar-powered garden lights as they can help give your viewers a better idea of your garden.

If you are going to be present during viewings, it can be a nice touch to welcome them with a warm drink and a seasonal treat. Offering a hot chocolate with a warm mince pie or a piece of shortbread would be a thoughtful thing to do on a chilly winter evening.

If you are looking to market your home for a winter sale, do please get in touch with our friendly team here.