Top tips for selling a house

There are some ways to make your house stand out more than most. Here are some tips to help sell your house at its full potential.


How your porch and garden look is very important. Buyers will be happy no to do too much work on their new place, a common area people tend to neglect is their landscape. Knowing a garden is well kept will bring peace of mind to viewers, as well as make the entire property look nicer and be more appealing.

It’s also a way to bring a pop of colour to your house and create a sense of ambience and harmony.


Lighting is crucial! When people view property, they don’t want to walk into a dark / dull space, this will put them off quick and they won’t be able to see the full potential of the home.

Lighting can also bring a type of atmosphere and mood to the room.


If your home is full of random bits and bobs it’ll put people off looking at the room, you need a clear open space to fully portray the space your home has. Viewers need to see if their potential home has been well taken care of and they need to be able to openly walk around and view your property.


Some viewers may have allergies to pets, it’s best to keep them away from the property when people are there. Also, animal lovers may get too distracted by the pet to actually view your house properly.

Be mindful of fur around the house and where their litter is placed.


Your house shouldn’t look empty, it needs to be clean and presentable. You need to choose appropriate colours and make the space to seem open and inviting.

Also, keep valuables and anything that can break on higher surfaces, if you have multiple people or even families viewing your home, you need to make sure nothing can get broken.

The Right Price

Make sure you sell the right price for your home, over selling will put people off and could leave your house on the market for way too long.

Finding out how much your home is worth on the market and compared to other houses on the same street can be very useful.

Fix up the exterior

Sometimes it can be years since you decide to give some love to the exterior of your home, this can lead to mould, blockages and debris. Repainting and repairing any damages from the weather, can go a long way. Remember, first impressions are very important when selling a house.

We hope our tips will help you create a clear and open space for people to easily view.

If you are looking to sell in the next few months and need advice, get in touch here.