Top tips for moving home at Christmas

While most people look forward to Christmas at all it entails, buying presents, decorating your home and being able to indulge (guilt free) on lots of festive food. It can also be a time when thoughts are elsewhere, especially if you are planning to move home.

Moving is listed as one of the most stressful life events, even more so at Christmas time, surprisingly it is also a very popular time for people to decide to move.

We thought we would list a few tips to help your Christmas move be as stress-free as possible.


Make sure you plan your moving date in advance, try to make sure this is before December 24th, so you can have a semi relaxed Christmas Day.

Removals and packing.

If you are planning on using a removal company, book your preferred moving day in advance, this way you will know when you need to have everything packed and ready… Aim to start packing a couple of weeks before you move, make sure you label all your boxes correctly, this should speed up the unpacking process in your new home.

Utility companies.

Let them know your moving date as soon as you know it, you don’t want to spend Christmas without electricity or hot water. Make sure you remember to get your TV set-up, you won’t want to miss your favourite Christmas shows.

Christmas shopping and decorations.

Be organized and get your Christmas shopping finished early, you’ll be able to wrap any gifts and send them early, allowing you more time to focus on other preparations for the move.

Remember to pack any gifts and decorations in the same box, so you can find them easily – you will still want to create a festive feeling in your new home.

Clear paths and driveways.

Winter weather can make your move harder, ensure any wet leaves are cleared up before moving any boxes. Snow, ice and sleet are also slip hazards, so be extra careful when carrying heavy items.


Not only will you be celebrating moving into your new home, don’t forget what the season is all about. Although moving is very stressful, remember to take the time to partake in your usual Christmas traditions.

If you are planning to move home, we hope these tips will make it a little easier for you.

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