Top tips for first-time renters.

If you are new to the renting game, it can be quite overwhelming, puzzling and even scary at times.

Don’t panic; with these tips below you’ll be a worry-free confident renter.

Tip One

As well as speaking to a local agent about rentals they have, there are lots of property sites that list multiple properties!  You can sign up and be alerted when rental properties that match your criteria are listed.

Tip Two

Do not pay any money until you have seen the property, you should not be asked hand over money to view a property either. If you’re moving to a different area and need to rent somewhere before you move, try to view it first or send someone on your behalf.

If you are unable to view and need to give a deposit or fee to hold it, make sure you do some checks and ask to meet the agent at their office, so you know they are legitimate.

Tip Three

You will need to pay fees when renting though an estate agent, however, you will know the correct tenant contracts will be in place and you’ll have more rights if any problems occur during your tenancy.

Tip Four

When you receive the contract, take time to read it properly and speak up if you notice anything you didn’t expect or are unhappy with. Look at what the rent covers, if the bills are included, when you move in and how long the tenancy is.

If parts of the contract need to be changed wait for a new version to sign – don’t sign the original and assume the changes will be made.

Tip Five

Once you have the keys, do a walk-around with the inventory and if you notice any issues take photos with a time stamp. You should also report any discrepancies to the landlord/agent immediately – you want to protect you and your deposit when you move out.

Your landlord or Estate Agent is legally required to add your deposit to an accredited deposit scheme within 30 days. Follow up to make sure they do this and send you a certificate of validation, they are breaking the law if they don’t and it will be the deposit scheme you would contact, if when you move out you have a problem getting your deposit back.

We hope our tips will make the renting process easier for you!

If you are a landlord needing advice or are looking for a rental property, please do get in touch with us here.