Top tips for decorating the perfect summerhouse

A summerhouse is the ideal place to sit, relax and unwind with some of your favourite hobbies and pastimes. Decorating it to reflect your personality and style is a way to create that extra special space, that you’ll enjoy spending all your free time in.

No matter what design you’re after, we’ve got lots of ideas and inspiration to help you on the way.

Check out our top tips…


Nature lovers will adore this idea for a woodland retreat. Consider keeping the exterior of your summerhouse natural with a simple wood stain rather than a block of colour. Vibrant touches of colour and contrasting textures are created with the addition of hanging baskets to the outside.


If you have a country garden, you could style your summer house in a vintage way to complement it. The shabby chic look is easy and affordable to achieve. Perfect for a calm, relaxing style as you can have a colour scheme which include shades of cream, light pink and pastel green.


For this, choose a building with a modern look and paint it in a colour that complements your existing garden scheme. The interior should be a space that can be used all year round. Consider adding in some speakers and spotlights as it makes your retreat somewhere you can relax and listen to your favourite music.

Party snug

Looking to entertain friends and family in style but don’t have the garden space? A corner summerhouse gives you lots of room and comfort – but doesn’t take up the entire garden. Kit it out with some comfy chairs or a mini sofa. Battery powered fairy lights will add a touch of elegant glamour, as well as handy evening light. Why not find some reclaimed bar taps to hang on the wall, or put up some quirky artwork or posters to make the interior feel like a cosy pub?

Bright and bold

How about going with a bright colour to show off your summerhouse? An exterior in a lively shade of pink or red with edges trimmed with a contrasting green makes for an eye-catching garden room. Create a vintage inspired look inside by using a mixture of plain and bright colours.

Teenagers den

What teenager wouldn’t like their own den to hide away in? It’s something you can get the kids involved with, as they can figure out their own colour scheme and go shopping with you to get the right accessories for their new hang-out space. Hook it up to electricity to power the Wi-Fi, television and those all-important speakers so they can play their games, listen to music and watch TV. Consider adding bean bags and folding chairs and table so it’s easy to store away and tidy up.

Adding a summerhouse to your property, should help to increase the value if you look to sell. Plus, you’ll have a great space for you and your family to enjoy!

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