Tips to make your Surrey home cosy this Autumn!

As the weather is starting to get cooler, the leaves are turning and we’re all starting to think of putting the heating on. There’s nothing better than coming into a lovely warm house when everything’s a bit dull and grey outside, so here are our top tips for a cosy home this Autumn


Lamps create a much softer glow than an overhead light, making the room look and feel much warmer. Play around with the positioning to make sure you have light where you need it.

Draw your curtains

Consider drawing your curtains when you get home! You’ll immediately feel cosier, as it shuts out the weather and has the added benefit of helping to keep the heat in.

Snuggle up under your blanket

Why not invest in a big fluffy blanket to snuggle under when the weathers bad? There’s nothing better than getting cosy on the sofa.


Light some of your scented candles and enjoy the sweet fragrance smell. Lighting candles can make a room feel a lot cosier than it is.

Colour change

As the season changes, why not choose a new colour scheme to freshen things up before Christmas. Greys and sage greens give of a warm and inviting feeling.

Indoor plants

Plants definitely give off a calming feeling in a room. You could mix and match pots to compliment your décor and many indoor plants need only the barest minimum of attention.

Soft furnishings

Cushions, rugs and throws can completely change the look and feel of a room at minimal cost. Think comfort and choose different textures and colours to make a space you want to come home to.

Cosy bedroom

Lights, pillows and a lovely thick duvet is vital for the perfect sleep. Consider adding a scented room spray and some lavender to help you drift off into that deep sleep.

Invite your family and friends in

As lovely as it is settling into your home and enjoying your own space, it can be just as cosy to have friends or family round. Delicious food, a few drinks and the company of those you love is hard to beat for that warm, happy feeling.

By following our tips, your Surrey home will be more than ready for the colder months!

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