Tips to make a rental property a home

It can often be difficult to make a rental property feel like home. You can sometimes feel like you have no control over the decoration of the property. How do you make a rented property feel like a home without losing your deposit, annoying the landlord or putting your money into a property that’s not yours?

Below are some tips to help you personalise your rental property.

Surround yourself with things you love
Add objects to the property that tell your story. These could be sentimental items from friend and family, items acquired on trips away or anything that has a special meaning to you. Display them in full view and it will instantly change the property into a home filled with your memories.

Add colour and texture
If the flooring or furniture are not to your taste, don’t worry. A big rug is the answer for floors you’d rather not look at every day. Adding different sizes, designs and colours is very on-trend. Sofas and chairs can easily be dressed up with cosy throws or inexpensive covers. Add some coloured curtains, cushions, bedding and towels to instantly make the rooms feel like they belong to you. Add your own accessories to each room to personalise it further. Don’t add too many, less is more!

Freestanding furniture
Some rented homes can lack storage and you end up with clutter. Not all landlords will be happy about you using a hammer and nails to create shelving, think about investing in a couple of freestanding units – you will be able to take these with you if you move on.

Art and mirrors
Living in a rental property often means that the decoration is a million miles away for your tastes. Lean a large mirror or picture against the wall, it will be a great focal point and immediately adds character to the property. Framed photographs or pictures also instantly make the space feel like you. Ask the landlord first and if picture hooks are not an option, try hanging strips as they come away again neatly and easily!

Outside in
House plants will brighten any property and will make it feel warm and homey. If you are not very green fingered, good quality artificial flowers and plants should do the trick.

Remember, it’s the people that make a house a home. Try not to be upset about not being able to change certain things in the property. Keep your focus on things you can change and with some love and attention your rented house will soon feel like home.

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