Tips to Help You Unpack After a Big Move

It can be daunting when you need to start unpacking your belongings in your new home. Looking at the huge pile of boxes and bags would make most people feel overloaded and stressed. So, where do you start?

Don’t worry, our simple tips will help you get organised and feeling right at home.


Rooms, it’s good to start with the bedroom

You might want to start with smaller rooms first, but the best way to feel at home right away is to sort out the bedrooms as soon as you can. Familiar bedding in the place you rest when you’re tired is the best way to ensure you have a comfortable first night and feel right at home.  


Store any perishables

If you’ve taken items that can easily go off with you, get them into a fridge quickly. You don’t need to unpack everything in the kitchen. You should, however, get any food or drink that could spoil put away as soon as you can.

If you are looking to ditch the age-old tradition of a takeaway on the first night and cook, when you're packing, make up a kitchen box with your essential items. You won’t need to rifle through everything to find what you need.


Put your boxes in the correct room when unloading

In an ideal world, you’d have all your unpacking done in a day. In reality, it probably won’t work out like that. You are likely to have unpacked boxes around for a while after the move, and that’s nothing to stress about. Moving takes time. To try to make it a little less stressful and put each box in the correct room when you’re unloading – so, that when you do unpack you won’t need to search for boxes.


Have your essential handy

Each of us will have a different idea of what household essentials are, but the one common thing is that they’re the items you need before you even know they’re needed. If you drink a lot of coffee, the coffee maker should be one of the first things you unpack, so you can get your coffee fix and be ready for day two. Need to take medication regularly? Get your prescriptions out so they are easily accessible when you need to take them. And, have that roll of toilet paper ready along with hand soap. If you’re going to shower on the first night, have your shower essentials to hand too.  


Don’t forget the rest of the family

It’s very easy to just think about you on moving day, but if you have other family members, consider their needs as well.

Do you have children? Remember, their bedrooms are just as important as yours. Make their beds early on in the day, so you know they are sorted and able to sleep somewhere that’s cosy when it’s nighttime.

Moving with pets? You should set up an area specifically for them with their bed, toys, food, and anything else they’ll need. It will help them settle and feel at home in the new location.

Taking plants with you? While taking care of plants is a lot easier than caring for children or pets, it can still be a challenge when moving them. Find a good spot for them so they have the right amount of sunlight and give them plenty of water to help them adjust.


Tackle the rest in your own time

Moving can be a slow process, but hopefully, our tips will help to make the move a little less stressful and the unpacking process easier. When working through other boxes, be sure to take pliantly of breaks. Once your crucial items are unpacked, sorting the rest will be a lot less taxing.

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