Tips to Get Your Garden Ready for Spring when Selling

A nice garden is a great selling point, especially in spring as it’s a good time to sell, and there is no harm in making your home stand out.

Here are a few simple ways to up your kerb appeal. 

Clean up

After autumn and winter, your garden can look like it’s not had much TLC. Firstly, clear your garden of leaves, broken branches, and other debris that may have gathered. Around spring your flowers and bulbs can pop out the ground, so the sooner you clean out the beds the less chance you have of damaging growing plants.

Remember, a buyer will see your outdoor space first and as we know – first impressions count.

Prep your garden

Chances are your patio, fences, shed and decking will need touching up, especially if it’s been a harsh winter. Make sure you jet wash and clear any weeds from your patio area. Outdoor paint will help to re-fresh wooded elements in your garden. Also, wash down any garden furniture with standard water and soap just to get rid of any dirt.

It’s not just about the inside of your property! Having a neat and tidy garden will show buyers straightaway that you look after your home.

Make a plan

Look around the garden and see where you could add flowers or vegetables. You could always hire a gardener to help plant or get an idea of what would look good. Flowers are a good way to add pops of colour along with the greenery – make sure you keep it simple.

If your garden is too busy and lots of work, you could actually put people off – a tidy and easy to maintain garden will most probably appeal to most buyers.


During spring you can have bouts of hot days but also rainy dull days. If there’s a moment where there are consecutively hot days, you should regularly water the garden and try to stay on top of general overall maintenance.

Remember, you never know when someone will request to view your home! You don’t want to have to spend hours trying to sort your outdoor area each time.

We hope these simple tips will help you bring your garden to life and create a wonderful outdoor atmosphere that can appeal to buyers.

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