Tips for Staging your Bathroom when Selling

Don’t underestimate how important staging a bathroom is. While there are other important rooms to be staged, bathrooms also play a key role when it comes to impressing potential buyers.

A well-staged house can play a major part especially if you’re looking for a quick sale at a great price.

Take a look at our top tips for making bathrooms sale-ready!

Changes that make a real difference can often be simple and you don’t need to do any big refurbishments or expensive additions. It’s that age-old saying of… 'less is more' when home staging any rooms, it’s especially the case for the bathroom.

Minimum Décor

It may be a surprise, but a simple bathroom is often easier to stage than an over-decorated one. If you use the less is more approach to both the decor and accessories, you should avoid the space feeling cramped and cluttered.

You don’t want too much on the bathroom counters – there is usually limited space, so you want it kept somewhat open.

Look at the scale of your bathroom and try to steer clear of decor that takes up a lot of space. Lots of bathrooms are quite small, so you don't want things to impinge into or dominate any usable space.


Ensuring your bathroom is immaculate is more important than the design aspect or staging.

Make sure the toilet seat is down, especially when photos are being taken, and clean until every bit of dust is wiped away and it’s all sparkling. Glass shower screens and mirrors need to be completely streak-free too.

Good accessories

Make sure you pay attention to the minute details as you want to appeal to buyers. Try to create a modern and peaceful space. Invest in new fluffy towels and hang these during viewings. Consider adding a diffuser or candles to the counter for decorating purposes - hold off adding actual scents as some people can be sensitive to smells and you don’t want to put them off.

Try to not use the bathroom just before a viewing is taking place as this will defeat the purpose of all the cleaning.

Last but not least, the staging! Try to create a scene to highlight the bathtub; place a washcloth and book on a stylish tray nearby. Add a new soap dispenser on the vanity or arrange some unique glass or ceramic bottles for styling.


Most buyers will want to view an immaculate bathroom and shampoo bottles and other personal hygiene products will just make the space look messy. 

No one wants to see half-used soap and shampoo bottles. So, remove all of these types of products until after the viewing.

This includes leaving towels lying around – neatly fold or hang them or put them away. 

What buyers want in a bathroom

Buyers want a relaxing feel when they walk into a bathroom, so keep this in mind when staging. From the colours of your towels to any accessories you have, a bathroom that sells is peaceful, neutral, and luxurious.

With these tips, you're sure to have an impressive bathroom and clinch that all-important sale. 

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