Tips for selling when you have pets

Not every person looking to buy your home will feel the same as you do about pets. Our tips below offer advice on how to ensure buyers won’t be put off when viewing a property with pets.

Have your carpets cleaned professionally, this should get rid of any pet odours or stains.

Pets can sometimes cause damage so repair any caused by your pets – if you home is not ‘viewer ready’ these issues will be noticed.

Make sure your outdoor space is clean and tidy. If you have a dog who spends a lot of time outside, try to keep the garden maintained and do a check prior to every viewing.

It can’t be said enough! Clean and clean the property thoroughly before each viewing. Make sure you vacuum the carpets and flooring, as someone viewing your home could have allergies. There could be smells you no longer notice because you are used to living with your pet – you could lose a sale just because the slight smell in your home left the buyer with a negative feeling.

Get rid of all food, water bowls, litter boxes and toys during viewings. Also, try to keep your pets out of the way unless it’s an exceptionally well-behaved animal. If you have an unusual pet like a snake or spider, it may possibly scare a buyer.

It’s not all negative! Pets can help to make a home feel cosy and less sterile. A picture of a cute pet in a photo can make the space feel homely. If you have a unique feature in your home, strategically place the picture of your pet there, it might draw the attention of your potential buyer and even be a conversation starter.

If your pet is very well-behaved it might help to boost the perception of your home. Your pet needs to stay calm and limit it to keeping just one pet at home during viewings. Cats and dogs are the only animals you should think about leaving in the home when viewings are taking place.

We hope you enjoyed reading our tips! You are looking to sell your home or need further property advice, please get in touch with us here.