Tips for moving home at Christmas

As Christmas draws near, it’s around the time you’d usually be daydreaming about the coming the festivities, however, if you’re planning to move home this Christmas you can make it as stress-free as possible by following the tips below.

Book the removals

To make sure you can enjoy Christmas with your family, why not let someone else do the work? If you hire movers early, you can leave it up to them when the time comes, giving you plenty of festive fun and family time to enjoy.  

Stay on top of things

Make sure you stay on top of things, with Christmas gift shopping and thinking about what the move entails – it’s easy to forget about your household bills. You don’t want to have debt, be sure to pay off any remaining bills and set up new accounts for your new home.

Get the festive shop done

Try to get any Christmas gifts early! This will allow you time to wrap and send them too – you don’t want to be taking additional items to your new home.

Clear ice, snow and leaves

It’s not often we see a white Christmas; however, the weather can cause problems when you move. Icy, snowy conditions can make it a dangerous task when carrying boxes of heavy furniture. Keep your drive and paths clear on moving day.

Also, clear any leaves too, usually they might not be a big problem, but wet leaves can make the surface slippery. The last thing you want is someone to have an accident while carting heavy boxes back and forth.

Keep valuables safe

Security is a common worry around this time of year. With the darker nights, and thieves knowing household will have extra valuables in the form of gifts, it can be all too tempting for would-be criminals. Keep items you want to keep safe out of sight and locked away during the move.

If you are planning a festive move, we hope these tips will help you to have a stress-free move and enjoy Christmas too.

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