Tips for First-Time Renters

Leaving home for the first time and getting your own place can be exciting and a little overwhelming.

Here are some things any first-time renter should think about – hopefully, these tips will help you to feel more relaxed about the process.

Work Out Your Finances

Really think about a budget that works for you and research areas you can afford. The location can really affect how much you’ll be paying for rent. You need to keep in mind costs for gas, electricity, council tax, broadband, TV License, and general living costs. 

View Virtually

Due to recent events and government guidelines. You can now request virtual and socially distanced viewings. It’s always important to see a property before renting it, a virtual viewing may not be the same as seeing it in person but it’s something and can still make a difference. If you feel it has potential you can ask to view it in person to get a feel for the property.

Know Your Rights

Before signing any tenancy agreement, you need to take the time to carefully read the contract. If you have questions about the property, now’s the time to ask them. You need to feel comfortable with what you’re agreeing to before signing and ask for amendments if something isn’t right. Once you’ve signed make sure you get copies of all certificates.

Bills and Insurances

If this hasn’t been arranged, make sure you notify the utility companies and provide them with your details, meter readings, and your move-in date. You should also look at getting contents insurance; the landlord should have insurance to cover the building and their own contents, but you need to cover your contents too.

Check Inventory

This is a list of everything the landlord provides with the property such as furniture, curtains, appliances, etc. You need to record and take pictures to prove the condition these things were provided in. This should stop any issues arising down the line that may affect your deposit when you end the tenancy.

You should report anything that’s damaged or if repairs are needed immediately, better to report early than let it get worse and be held accountable.

Return the Property as You Found It

If you plan to end the tenancy, make sure you leave the property the way you found it. You need it to look exactly how it was when you moved in. If you took pictures use them as a reference and as proof, if needed, this will help you to get your deposit back.

We hope these tips will help to make the renting process a smooth one!

If you are a first-time renter and need advice, please do feel free to contact our team here.