Tips for buy-to-let property investors.

1)      If you are a first time buy-to-let investor, make sure you research the market. Make sure you know the risks, as well as the benefits.

2)      Make sure you choose the right area, you need to look at an area that will be appealing and where someone would want to live. Look for properties with good transport links and local amenities.

3)      Before you go house hunting, make sure you do the maths. Look at the cost of houses you will be looking at and what rent you can expect to get from a tenant.  

4)      Think about what kind of tenant you would like to live in your investment. This will have a bearing on the kind of property you should be looking at.

5)      Once you find a property, think about how hands on you want to be. You may want to manage it yourself or you could get an agent to do it on your behalf.

6)      When your tenant moves in, make sure you look after them. You don’t want to end up with an empty property, if you treat your tenants well, they will want to stay in the property.

Park & Bailey Lettings have a team of experienced staff who both let, and look after, rented property. Perhaps you are considering becoming a landlord for the first time? Maybe you have recognised the opportunities of buy-to-let and plan to own a number of investment properties?

Whatever your situation, Park & Bailey Lettings is dedicated to providing a seamless service to give you peace of mind. Our aim is to relieve you of the complexities that arise from letting your property, enabling you to enjoy the benefits. This is how we have developed the long lasting relationships we enjoy with our clients and why we are seeing our business continue to grow through recommendation.

There are three levels of service we offer, these are Let Only, Rent & Collect and Managed.

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