Tips for adding value to your home

We all want to add value to our homes and the best way to do this is to utilise what you already have. Not only would this make it cheaper for you but there’s no point in spending a ton of money when you may not get a return on it when you sell.

The Garden

Making your garden a social area can really help. Simply by adding some decking or a patio to turn your garden into a great entertaining space. Buying a table and chairs or a summer house can be really appealing.

Make the most of the space you have, just by tidying plants and trimming bushes/trees can really help make the area easy on the eye.

Convert the Garage

Depending on where your garage is and if you have permission, you can convert your garage to a playroom or office. These are things people tend to appreciate and notice when looking to buy.

Loft Conversion

Adding an extra bedroom is a sure-fire way to add value to your home. Most homes don’t require planning permission for a loft conversion, and they make really stunning rooms.

Parking Space

Having a spot that is always yours to park in is highly sort-after, chances are people who are buying a house are likely to be driving, they want to know their car is safe and that they don’t have to struggle to park and walk to get to their home.

Kitchen Renovations

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and where many families hang out. If the kitchen doesn’t look inviting no one is going to be impressed. If you can improve one room it would be the kitchen (or bathroom) as these are main selling points.  


Make sure the house is in good condition, fix any structural problems, including leaks and cracks. If your structure is noticeably unstable, buyers can use this to haggle on the price of the property.

Green Home

Making your home eco-friendly will make your home stand out on the market. Not only would your home costs be cheaper, but you’ll be helping the environment too. Although this may not be cheap to do initially, you should recoup the costs when you sell.

We hope these tips will help you upgrade your home and increase the selling price.

If you are looking to sell, please do get in touch here.