Tips for a more eco friendly home

As a homeowner your actions have an impact on the environment, plus with details of new eco standards for new homes announced in the Spring Statement 2019! We thought we would share these tips to make your existing home more eco-friendly.

Toxic free

A lot of household products contain toxins and gasses. Using eco-friendly brands for a toxin-free clean is a good way to instantly reduce your carbon footprint. Aerosol cans are also bad for the atmosphere, consider using a natural spray. If you are thinking about painting your home, you are able to get low or zero non-toxic paint.

Also, having a leafy plant at home can help to absorb harmful toxins! The bromeliad plant removes over 80 per cent of air toxins, making it the most effective.


Not only is upcycling cost-effective but there are no limits to what can be created! Reducing furniture waste that’s not recyclable by giving it a new lease of life is not only enjoyable, you’ll also end up with a fab new looking furniture item in your home – or sell it on and make a few quid. Anyone can try their hand at upcycling and no previous skill is required.

Plastic free

Using only glass or tin containers, washing up with a wooden brush and using glass or ceramic dishes are all quick ways to reduce your plastic use. Start by replacing any household plastic items with alternatives if possible.

Eco minerals

Using eco materials in your home is a great way to be more environmentally friendly, things like cork, recycled glass and bamboo. Also, adding natural textiles into your home design, like wool and hemp can bring a relaxed and cosy feeling to any room – stylish while still being eco-friendly.

Efficient windows

If you want to live a sustainable life, look beyond the interior design element. Having energy-efficient window will keep your home warming and minimize energy consumption. Your home will also be aesthetically pleasing and boost the kerb appeal.

We hope these tips will help you to give a little thought to living a little ‘greener’ and be more responsible with our choices.

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