Tips for a hassle-free moving day.

Moving day can be exciting and stressful at the same time, it can actually be one of the most stressful days of your life.

Here are a few tips to make your moving day as stress free as possible.

Being organised is key! If you are using a removal company provide them with a floor plan of your new home, they will be able to place the boxes and furniture in the correct rooms.

Your fridge has more than likely been disconnected and the kettle packed away. Make sure you have refreshments handy, moving can be thirsty work. You’ll need something to eat too, make some sandwiches in advance, make a few flasks of tea and coffee and have some soft drink at the ready. You will have more energy if you make sure you eat and drink properly during the day.

Moving is also very tiring, pack your bed linen and towels in a box and take them with you. You won’t need to try to find them when you arrive at your new home.

Make sure you are the last to leave your old property, stay until the last item has been packed in the van. Make a full inspection before the van leaves, it’s up to you to make sure nothing has been missed.

You should keep any important documents with you at all times, don’t pack them away.

Before you leave, check the gas, electricity and water are all off at the mains, also check all windows and door are secure.

When you arrive at your new home, make sure everything is present and correct. Unpack anything you will need for the nights and take a meter readings.

Finally, it’s time to relax for the night and enjoy your new home!