Tips for a good viewing

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Please be assured the health and safety of our employees and clients is of great importance to us. With government guidance and legislation steps in place, we are able to safely assist you with your property viewing.

Our tips below will help you show your home at its best!

Preparing your home

You should make sure everything is clean. A dirty house will not only stop you from showing your homes full potential, but people do not want to view a dirty house, it is not nice and makes viewers think the house has not be well taken care of.

Make sure there is no clutter and there is enough open space for people to look around. Anything fragile should be put away, you do not want to risk things getting accidently damaged.

Lighting is very important; you want to showcase your home at its best – you do not want the place looking dark and dingy. This will not only put people off but will make your home unappealing and look very closed off.

Fresh flowers are a fab accessory! Not only will your home smell wonderful but they will bring colour and freshness to any room. 

If you have enough time you can order some small things to dot around the house or even give the place a fresh coat of paint – this will make the place look fresh and clean.

Should you be there?

Preferably it is better if you leave the viewing to the experts, viewers will feel more open to voice their opinions and fell less pressured to rush. Your estate agent will know all the details and can answer any questions that may arise.

If you do wish to be there, you should give the potential buyers space but make sure you are available to answers any questions.


Finally, try to keep pets away, not everyone is a pet lover and some people can be allergic. They can also become a distraction; this can stop viewers from seeing your home fully because as we know pets can be very adorable.

Use these tips to be ready for your home viewing! If you need any general property advice, please get in touch with us here.