Tip to secure your new home

Moving home is an exciting time! Something new homeowners tend to forget during the process of moving is the security aspect.

You will want to make sure you protect your new home from break-ins, so as well as making sure that you have home insurance arranged, you should look at ways you can make your home safe and secure.

We all know the phrase 'it’s better to be safe than sorry', this is especially important when it comes to home security.

Here are a few tips to help keep your home, your family and valuables safe.

Update Locks

It’s also a good idea to make sure all door locks are updated! You don’t know if a previous owner has kept a set of keys to your new home, changing the locks will ensure you are the only one with keys.

Reinforce Doors, Windows and Hardware

Your locks maybe good but what about your external doors or windows? Are they flimsy and weak? Make sure doors are strong and windows are double glazed with sturdy frames, this will make it a lot harder for someone to gain entry to your home.

Lock Doors and Windows

Burglars are just looking for an easy way in, you will be surprised how many burglars use the front door or first floor window. When you leave your home always make sure everything is double locked, including your windows. People tend to shut their windows but not lock them, it only takes 10 mins for someone to ransack your home.

Have Motion Sensing Lights

Adding motion sensing lights will alert you if someone trespasses on your property and if it’s someone scoping out your home – hopefully, it will scare them off.

Make sure the motion sensor lights illuminate dark paths, garages and backyards, this will make these spaces easier to navigate in the dark. The extra light also helps to prevent injury and will make you feel safer when leaving or returning to your home.

Be Smart About Where You Put Your Extra Key

When hiding your extra key, don’t put it in obvious or easily accessible place. You can give it to a trusted neighbour or even get a lock box, remember it needs to be kept in a safe and secure place.  

Keep Your Valuables Out of Sight

Make sure you keep all valuables in a safe place during the move. Maybe add getting a home safe for papers and your most expensive items to your to-do list. Also keep things away from the windows and make sure curtains or blinds are closed so people walking by can’t see inside your home.

It’s important to feel secure in your new home, we hope these tips will help you achieve this.

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