Things to do before every property viewing!

When you first marketed your home, you probably made sure it looked its best for each viewing — clean bedding, sparkling windows, flowers and everything spick and span. However, if you’ve had lots of viewings it can be difficult to make an effort every time, but make sure you do! Remember, every property viewing is a step closer to selling and each possible buyer deserves just as much attention to detail.

These tips will ensure your house is looking great for every viewing…

Get rid of clutter, you don’t need anything out that doesn’t add to the presentation. Buyers will view your home by how much floor space they see and worksurface in the kitchen! If you’re rushed, quickly go around with a basket and clear everything that shouldn’t be there. Put it in the back of a cupboard or even your car until you’re able to sort through it.

Open the windows to let in some air, especially if you have pets. Make sure your house doesn’t get too cold, you don’t want it to feel chilly when buyers are viewing.

Arrange for your children and pets to be away from your home. You and your viewer will feel a lot more relaxed if you have the place to yourselves. You can focus on pointing out the positives of each room with out any interruptions.

You should make sure all bedding and towels are clean. If you are very busy, you might want to keep a duvet ready to pop over each bed before a viewing. Also, keep some clean towels hidden just for viewings.

On viewing days, open the curtains or blinds and clean the windows to allow as much natural light in as possible. If you need more light, turn on table lights to give a cosy glow to each room.

Lastly, it’s about the finishing touches! If you have time, add some flowers to a vase to brighten the room. Have some soft music playing in the background and get your best smile ready! If it’s your first of twentieth viewing, make sure the viewer feels like they’re special. Giving them a good viewing experience will make them relaxed and feel important, if they feel positive and in a happy frame of mind, they may make an offer to buy your home and not someone else’s.

We hope our tips help with your property viewings!

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