Things to do and avoid when selling a property

Selling your home can be time consuming and an emotional experience. Strangers will come to your home and view it, some may even criticize it, and you will more than likely receive offers under the asking price.

If you have not sold a property before or are an experience seller – it’s easy to make mistakes! We thought we would share some of our knowledge on how to get a fair price for your home within a decent timeframe.

Firstly, if you are selling try to be unemotional about it. Start to think of yourself as a home seller rather than owner. Look at the transaction from a financial perspective and distance yourself from the emotional aspects of the sale.

Although you will pay commission when selling with an agent, they will have more experience at negotiating home sales than you, and will hopefully get more money for your home. Also, if you experience any issues during the process, an experienced professional will be able to deal with them. A local agent will have knowledge of the area, house prices and know how to market your home at it’s best.

When setting your asking price, be realistic! An overpriced home will take longer to sell, if at all. Buyers will compare properties locally to see if your property is fairly priced. When setting the price, remember any smart buyer will negotiate, try to set a price that will attract buyers but also leave you a little wiggle room.

Lots of buyers will look for properties online! You should ensure you have good photos, take these during the day and showcase your homes best features.

When you have a viewing booked, you should prepare your home. A seller who does not clean and stage their home will be less likely to get an offer. Get your agent to point our areas of your home that may need work.

If you want to make a good first impression… Declutter, paint the walls, thoroughly clean your home and make sure it smells fresh.

If someone does want to book a viewing, try to be accommodating! Make sure you clean the house before every viewing. It is a lot of work but stay focused, use our tips and we have no doubts — you’ll see offers flooding in!

If you are thinking or selling your home and need a local agent’s advice, you can get in touch with us here.