The questions all landlords should ask!

Renting your property to nightmare tenants can be a costly and time-consuming experience. Asking the right questions could ensure you end up with reliable tenants.  

Here’s a guide to what you should be asking your potential tenants.

Firstly, ask why, when and how long…

Finding out why a tenant is moving can tell you a lot about them, look for legitimate reasons like moving for a job or needing more space. If they have been evicted or have had issues with their current landlord, you could end up having problems down the line.

You should also find out when they want to move in, if they are in a hurry to move ask why! If you are not happy with the answers they give, it would be wise to move on to interviewing the next potential tenants.

You need ask how long they would want to rent the property for, you would usually begin with a six or twelve month tenancy. You don’t want to go through the rental process and need to find new tenants a few months down the line.

Confirm how many people will be moving in, don’t assume it’s only who comes to view the property – they may try to move more people in. Remember, the fewer people the less wear and tear you will have on your property.

Find out about their finances, this is a must when it comes to renting property. You need to know they are able to pay for the property for the duration of their tenancy. Ask for a copy of a bank statement and a references.  

You need to make sure they are able to cover their living costs, as well as the monthly rental cost. Ask them about their job, realistically you’re looking for someone who is in permanent and steady employment. Confirm they have a month’s rent and deposit, if you are in doubt that they have this by the move-in-date, it’s a possible warning sign of things to come.

Find out if they have pets or if they smoke. If you have a no smoking or no pet policy, a yes will rule out the potential tenant. If you are happy for them to have a pet, you can find out more details about the pet.

Also, check they are happy to move in to the property as it stands, if they would like to make changes confirm these prior to starting the tenancy.  

Finally, ask if they have any questions - this could unearth a reason why the property may not be right for them.

If a potential tenant does not suit your property, you need to walk away. Having the wrong tenant renting your property could be very stressful and costly to put right.  

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