The key to selling a house quickly.

Having a tidy garden and manners helps to sell houses, according to a recent poll.

A seller’s personality can make a difference to your properties selling appeal, a friendly homeowner is among the top appealing factors for buyers - a grumpy seller would turn-off one in four buyers.

Having a well-kept garden was voted as the most likely aspect to win buyers over, with new décor, cleanliness and fresh flowers also high on the list of factors that would appeal to house hunters.

36% of people said, brewing coffee or baking bread to fill the home with pleasant aromas, would attract them when inside the house.

Mould, clutter and too many pets were among the factors most likely to put buyers off.

If you are looking to receive a quick offer on your property, you should make sure your garden is looking great, be polite and stick the kettle on!

More than 2,000 home buyers from across the UK, who have either bought a home in the past year or are planning to buy a property within the next 12 months took part in the study.

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