The importance of professional photography when selling your home

The property market is a fierce world in the modern age and sellers need every help they can get when trying to entice a buyer. With each detail having to be spot-on, the most important one is the photography, after all, it’s the first glimpse they will have of your property.

With 95% of buyers searching online, the need for properly lit, high-resolution photos of your property is high, you wouldn’t want to let your home down by underselling it.

Dark and grainy photos of your home simply will not cut it nowadays, while they can be helpful in a quick back-and-forth with a potential buyer, you need professional photos of the house in order to attract interest.

In order to demonstrate how important it is to get the photos right when advertising your property the Park & Bailey experts came up with their top tips to take the perfect pictures of your home.

The lighting in the picture is vital, make sure there is plenty of natural light and minimal dark space in order to make the rooms feel most inviting.

Framing is a powerful tool in property photography, make sure you capture the entire room without cutting off important features such as radiators or any furniture.

When you are advertising your property online it is important to make sure it is neat and tidy – that way it is even more desirable to buyers. Clear away any clutter and make sure everything is perfect before you post pictures of your home online.

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