The biggest bugbears for UK renters

Random rent rises and landlords who are slow to repair properties and house appliances have emerged as the most common problems for the nation’s renters.

Other common issues that renters find are, they can’t decorate their home, so it feels and looks like their own, also not having a small garden for the summer months is a bugbear for renters.

Outdated interior design, damage caused by the previous tenants and a ban on pets are also considered downsides of not owning your own property. Recent research has found that letting renters redecorate their rented accommodation to suit their own taste, would mean they’d take extra care of the property and others said they would happily invest more into the home to make sure it looked it’s best.

Other irritations are, not being able to get hold of a letting agent or landlord when an emergency occurs, or not having a parking space outside the property or near it.

Many renters don’t enjoy having to share the monthly bills with housemates, as they don’t like chasing people they live with for money that is owed.  Never agreeing on what temperature to have the heating on can also ruin the whole rental experience.

A recent study on, found more than 27 per cent of those polled have avoided moving to a new home because of the state of the current décor. Brightly coloured bathrooms put 32 per cent off while more than one in four didn’t like the choice of textured ceilings. Others turned down a property because of plain walls, either too much magnolia or white paint.

The poll also showed that 19 per cent of renters aren’t allowed to decorate their home, with 62 per cent saying they would like to redecorate if their landlord granted them permission. 43 per cent of renters said they would stay in a house longer if they could make their own mark on it.  One in five even said they would happily pay more rent if they were able to decorate a home how they wanted.

Don’t let these small issues bug you too much! We’re certain that you’ll love any property you live in.

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