Ten Top Tips for Attracting Tenants

The most important thing for a landlord is that their property is let out to a paying tenant. With the buy-to-let sector being so competitive, landlords know that to attract the right tenant there is a lot to go through before they can get a tenancy agreement in place.

One of the most critical things is to make their properties as attractive as possible to new tenants. But while many landlords think that presenting a clean house to rent will be enough, they need to consider what type of tenant they want to attract and go a little bit further to make the right impression.

Firstly, would you prefer to let to professionals or students? What about families with young children and pets? Will you let your property furnished or unfinished? You don't get the right tenants by accident, so it is important to present your property in great condition and finished in a way that is going to attract the type of tenant you desire.

Let's take a look at things from a prospective tenants point of view. This is a list of what can put tenants off renting a property and the best way they can be avoided.

1: Freshen up the décor

Refreshing the walls and paintwork of a property can be a quick and easy step to brighten up your property and can be relatively inexpensive. A lick of fresh paint can make a pleasing impact.

2: Clear the clutter

This is especially important if you are letting your property furnished. Your new tenants will bring a lot of their own possessions with them, which can quickly overwhelm the available space. Avoid cramming your property to the rafters with furniture and clear out any clutter.

3: Spruce up the kitchen

Your tenants will most likely spend a lot of time in the kitchen so if it is poorly lit and a little dingy, you can brighten it up with a lick of paint, modern kitchen handles, and new easy to clean flooring.

4: Finish off DIY task

A property that looks half-done feels like it is an unfinished project. Make sure that all DIY tasks are completed to give a professional finished look to the home.

5: Get rid of strange smells

It's not just the look of a property that can make or break a tenancy agreement. If you notice any strange smells in the property it can be very offputting to new tenants. It could be from dirty drains, cigarette smoke, pets, or strong food odours that have seeped into the carpets and soft furnishings.

6: Clean up bathroom grime

You may have cleaned the bathroom, but if it still looks dirty it could be the build-up of years of grime and dirt. It can pay to re-grout bathroom tiles and replace the silicone seals around your bath or shower to make it more hygienic and fresh.

7: Tidy up the garden

For some tenants a garden is an important element of their desires, so make sure that your garden is tidy and free of weeds and broken patio tiles.

8: Check domestic appliances

As a landlord, you need to have your gas and electric domestic appliances, such as boilers and cookers, tested each year by law. If you are letting out a property with older appliances that have started to become unreliable, it can be safer and more cost-effective to replace them to cut down on repair bills and inconvenience to your tenants.

9: Improve the kerb appeal

While the inside of your property may be spotless, fresh, and appealing, having badly maintained external paintwork, front gardens, car parking, and garage doors can be an instant turn-off for prospective tenants. A lick of paint, a bit of weeding, and tidying up can help give a good first impression.

10: Work with the right letting agent

When you want to attract the right tenants then you should put your property into the hands of a professional letting agent with many years of experience in letting properties. People looking to rent homes will automatically approach a local letting agent for help, so it makes sense to trust the viewing and letting process to those who know how to do it best.

That's where we come in! If you're a landlord and need advice, our award-winning team will be happy to discuss your requirements. 

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