Summer gardening advice

With a few sunny days ahead, we wanted to list some tips to help you look after your garden.

Maintaining your lawn

Water when your lawn tells you to! A well fertilised lawn will cope better with dry conditions than one lacking the correct nutrients. Some lawns might need watering weekly, while others only monthly despite the same weather conditions.

A lawn will become dull and change colour as moisture levels deplete, it will also lose the springiness and footprints will remain – if it does turn brown it should be okay when the rain returns.

Watering plants

When watering plans or beds, do this first thing in the morning or late in the evening to avoid damage – if the sun hits wet plants, it can burn the leaves. Try to keep the soil evenly moist, if it is not moist 4 inches below the surface give the plants a good watering, keeping in mind plant roots can suffer and even drown from overwatering.


It is important to look after your vegetables in hot weather. You want to make sure they do not wilt, fail to grow, or even die. During hot spells, they need to have water to survive, so maintaining enough moisture in the soil is a priority.

Do not dig too much

It is important that you do not over-dig your garden in hot weather, this will minimise loss of moisture. Remember, plants and vegetables find it hard to get enough water as it is.

Use the tips to protect your garden in the summer heat!

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