Staging your home for sale

This is the process of setting up your home to make it look amazing. But home staging isn’t just about making your home look nice. It’s making sure your home reaches a wide range of buyers.

Here are some tips to help.

Kerb Appeal

Successful home staging starts from the outside, the first thing potential buyers will see is the outside of your home. People are more likely to want to view your property if the outside is nice and well-kept. Make sure the lawn is trimmed, any bushes and flowers are neat, your fences are newly painted, power-wash your driveway and clean your windows.


Clutter isn’t attractive, it also takes up a lot of room and can make the interior space look increasingly small. To get home staging right, remove any non-essential belongings on top of counters. You can box these up and put them away until the property is sold. Also, invest in organisers to put bathroom things away or makeup and toiletries.

Depersonalise your living space

When staging your home, it’s better for family photos, information linking to your children needs or expensive or unique pieces of art / ornaments to be put away in a safe place. You’ll have strangers in your home, so keeping personal information about you and your family and breakables out of the way is a good idea – it will also enable potential buyers to envision their own personalisation.

Make your interior neutral

You may adore brightly coloured walls or very eccentric objects and accessories, but when selling your home, you want to appeal to the majority. Picking a neutral wall colour and more inconspicuous items can help make it easier for people to see what they would do if they purchased your home and not feel so overwhelmed upon entering.

Let sunshine in

Lastly, natural light is your friend, it can really open up a space and make your home more appealing. Make sure no furniture or objects are blocking the windows, you want to let in as much light as you can. Not only does this make the room brighter, it makes your home feel more welcoming and also easier to view.

We hope you enjoyed reading our tips! Remember, home staging will help make your home look it’s best and attract lots of viewers, as well as that all-important buyer.  

If you are looking to sell and need advise, please feel get in touch here.