Simple tips to protect your Surrey or Sussex home while you are away

People heading away on holiday are being urged to protect their homes while away. Did you know? As many as one in 10 leaves a key under a plant pot or mat.

Only 61% check all doors and windows 58% are locked prior to going away, and only 43% check sheds and garages are secure.

48% ensure valuables aren’t visible through windows, and just 19% put away garden furniture – acts that can help to prevent opportunistic thefts.

This is in spite of the fact that 14% of people surveyed said someone had burgled their home in the past, while an additional 11% had experienced an attempted burglary.

Aviva data reveals July - September is a prime time for UK home theft claims that happen while people are away on holiday - a 48% increase compared to other months of the year.

Below we list some tips to help protect your home while on holiday.

Make sure you lock up and double check all windows and doors are secure.

Don’t post about your holiday plans on social media. Countdown trackers and holiday pictures advertise that you’re not at home.

Give a key to a friend, neighbour, or family. Physically give the key to the person – don’t leave it outside where someone could find it. Ask them to keep an eye on your home and check for internal issues, and signs of unwanted guests.

Make it seem like your home is occupied while away. Get timers so you can turn on lamps or radios to give the illusion of someone being home.

Get someone to park on your driveway. This way it will look like someone is at the property.

Invest in an alarm and outdoor security lighting. These are a great way to protect your home and will be a deterrent.

Cut the grass and hedges. A messy, overgrown garden will be a giveaway that occupiers may be away.

Lock outdoor items. Check any sheds and outbuildings are locked.

Keep your valuables out of sight: Make sure your valuables are away from windows. Also, don’t keep valuables in the bedroom. It’s known that this is where most people keep their precious items, put them in a different place in the home.

These few simple steps will help to discourage burglars and keep your home safe. The last thing you want is to return to a headache after an amazing time away.

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