Simple DIY tasks to tackle on your Surrey home this autumn

As the summer slowly turns to autumn, this is the best time to prepare your property for the upcoming cooler weather of winter.

Here at Park and Bailey we have complied a checklist of the essential tasks homeowners should be tackling in each season!

The most important thing to take care of internally in the autumn is your loft insulation. You must make sure that it’s at least 270mm deep to comply with the building regulations.

Externally, with autumn comes the falling leaves which should be regularly cleaned to ensure they don’t cause blockages to your drains!

These upcoming months are the best time to check your outside taps and pipes are working and properly insulated, as this will help prevent issues caused by the cold winter temperatures. It’s also important to insulate interior taps in cold areas such as those in cupboards on external walls, or in unheated rooms and outbuildings.

Another house maintenance tip for autumn is to check for any issues in foul drains by removing the inspection covers and looking underneath.

Consider checking exterior walls for damage and remember to address any faults to prevent water ingress over the colder months. Whilst doing this, it is advised to clear debris from wall junctions to prevent damp from appearing throughout the autumn and winter.

These DIY tips will help you feel organised and prepared for the change in season!

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