Selling your Surrey home? What price should you sell it for?

When you are selling your property, deciding what you should sell it for can be an agonising decision. Here at Park and Bailey, we can help you put your home on the market for the right price. Making sure you don’t put it on too high is essential, as it may not sell! Or if you put it on too low, you might get far less than it’s worth.

This will be one of the biggest financial decision that you’ll make in your life! Once you have done all you can to make the house appealing to potential buyers, you’ll need to do your homework. Do remember, you are the person who has the final say on what price to put your property on the market at.

A good solution to take, is to turn yourself into an expert on local house prices. You need to do your research on, how much houses have sold for in your area, and how much they are on the market for currently. Make sure that you are looking at properties that are like yours.

This is where we can help you! Park and Bailey offer free market appraisals to ensure that your property get’s the price that it deserves. We have an excellent local knowledge, which will help when discussing what your property is worth and we have lots of experience in achieving the best asking price for our customers.

But remember, buyers will usually want to negotiate on the asking price, so asking for around 5-10% above what you would be happy to settle for, will leave room for negotiating with buyers!

If you are looking for a fast sale, then you may need to consider putting the house on at a very competitive price, as you are more likely to attract serious buyers, which can make the whole transaction very quick.

If there is no pressure to sell and you’re not looking to sell quickly, you may want to consider taking things slowly. Firstly, you could start high and see if you get interested buyers. If you do sell at a high price, great. If not, then you can slowly reduce the price until you do sell. Or, you could start low, attract lots of attention and try to get buyers bidding. This usually works best in a hot market with lots of willing buyers and fewer properties for sale.

If you are looking to sell your Surrey home, then get in contact with us today! Or if you want more advice or information about the property market then visit our website.