Selling your Surrey home this winter? Check out our top tips!

Selling your property in spring is the prime time to sell, however life isn’t always that easy to schedule. So, if you’re planning to put your property on the market this winter, try these top tips to maximise your chances of securing a buyer!

Invest in some outdoor lighting

The outside of your house is just as important as the inside! Potential buyers will always form an opinion about your property, before they even step inside. Kerb appeal is vital, if your house looks bright and inviting, it will make buyers want to see more.

Make your home warm and inviting

Winter is the best time to use the bad weather to your advantage, by making your home cosy and welcoming for potential buyers. You can make them feel right at home, by making sure you have a nice warm room temperature. Make sure that the heating is on and the fire is going, but don’t make it too war, as you want to ensure that the buyers are made to feel comfortable. You could even add some furry blankets and some fairy lights to give it that extra homely feel.

Tidy up the garden

Your garden might be the best part of your property in the spring and summer months, but you can still make it look great during winter! Before any viewings have a tidy up in the front and back gardens. Trim back any hedges, trees and sweep away any leaves.  Make sure you remember to put away or cover up any garden furniture, so it doesn’t get ruined from those rainy days. This will show potential buyers that you look after your property. If it looks neat and tidy in the winter, they will be able to picture how lovely it will look in the sunnier months.

Dress up your home for winter

Just like your wardrobe, the interior of your home should change with the seasons. If you’re looking to sell in the winter, you could buy some soft furnishings that really give your home that seasonal feel. Fluffy cushions and furry blankets are perfect! Think soft fabrics and darker colours to make your property feel warm.

If you’re looking to sell your Surrey home, get in touch with our team this Winter! We will be able to advise you and give you information on how to market your property the best way possible.